What to say when someone commits suicide.

It is so difficult to know how to show up for someone you care about when they are grieving through a tragic and sudden loss of suicide.

At Written Hugs Designs, we help people feel more seen, more connected, and less alone by leaning into intentional connection in areas of life that are hard. These are the cards you won’t find down your average greeting card aisle. Additionally, for every card purchased on our website, we donate a card to nonprofits actively serving people who need encouragement and connection. Namely Brighter Days Family Grief Center, NAMI MN, and (in the queue is) Canvas Health. Each of these nonprofits have resources for survivors of suicide. Please see their websites for more information. 

This card was created to help people find the words to say when words are, quite simply, inadequate. Inside inscription says,

“There are no words.

I am here,

and I want to support you 

in any way I can.

Please reach out.

You are not alone.” 

Everyone grieves differently and best support for that person can look different based on their own desires. We suggest that you ask the person if a few different ways of showing up would feel like a blessing to them. Here are a few examples of what might be meaningful to someone going through this kind of tragic loss. 

Having a meal from their favorite restaurant delivered to their home. - (Always ask permission before starting a meal train.)

Gift card for groceries.

Pick up or grocery delivery to their home.

Softest blanket you can find with their favorite scent bath salts/candle/diffuser oils.

Going for a drive to sit in nature together. Not necessarily talking, just being present with them. 

Going to a wreck-rage room.

Childcare or driving logistic help. 

Yard work or housework quietly in the background.