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Snuggle Up: Encourage a Parent


I love these cards — I think it’s so important that we recognize that what might be joyful to most people could be incredibly hard for others. These cards help people feel seen and heard. It lets them know their grief and pain are not forgotten.

Absolutely adore these cards!

I’ve never encountered cards like these, ever! These really touch on the emotional connections from human to human. In a world where we need to be more connected, these cards really help us express those emotions and build those connections.
Thank you for having the courage to put these amazing cards into the world. Such a big impact in a beautiful small package 😍

Great quality cards and the recipient loved the message and the company’s website/mission.

Thank you

The perfect reminder at a really difficult time. Thank you.

Really Beautiful

The sentiment was lovely & very special ❤️

Text Font

I would consider changing the font. The current font feels a little cartoonish for such a serious card. I would also leave more space for people to write a personalized message.


The card was perfect for my single mom friend. She was truly amazed by the message and thoughtfulness of it and thanked me several times. They’re unique, beautiful and special, definitely will be purchasing more!!!

Unique Cards

These cards help to express your feelings in words when one doesn't know how to confront difficult situations. If your right or wrong these cards help to (break the ice).

More than words

These cards (like none other) bring back the emotions and memories one has in life! They inspire one to remember the good times.