Collection: Birthday Collection

If you haven’t given a keepsake interview card for someone’s birthday yet, you are in for a treat! This card was designed to help you intentionally connect in a meaningful way with the person you are celebrating. Why wait to say all the things that matter in these precious relationships? This card is designed with prompts for you to fill out about the person you are celebrating. Dig deep and answer thoughtfully. I can’t tell you how many people have been deeply touched by receiving one of these cards. It’s all the more meaningful and beautiful when you include children on the interview. 

In my house, everyone gets one of these cards for their birthday. The kids look forward to answering these questions for each other and receiving their special keepsake card every year. They are then put away in a special nostalgia bin that can be read at any time years down the road. I’ve given these cards out to grandparents, family friends, and others. Many are moved to tears reading these beautiful sentiments straight from the heart of the giver. 

For multiple interviewees, I suggest listing all their names as interviewees, then for answering the prompts, using just one letter so the person receiving the card knows who answered what. For example:

For: Grandma Tammie
Interviewees: Gary (G), Christi (C), Liam (L), Niko (N), and Oliver (O)
Age(s): 35, 35, 9, 6, 4

What is your favorite thing to do with grandma? 

G: visiting and playing games as a whole family
C: visiting and watching grandma read to the kids snuggled on the couch
L: giving her a great big hug! Grandma gives the best hugs
N: making cookies
O: Spider-Man!


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