About Us

My name is Christi.

I am a mom, Air National Guard spouse, and friend on a mission to help bring people together, especially during the difficult seasons of life. In my experience with grief and loss, the holidays and celebrations bring that pain into sharper focus. Going to most stores across the US, there aren’t any cards I’ve seen that are both true to the reality of grief and loss we face while acknowledging how the holidays make those losses that much harder. Why can’t we do both? 

  • The Reason

    I’m hoping that by creating these cards, anyone who receives them will feel more seen, more loved, and more connected. Each card is created with the best of intentions and heartfelt empathy.

  • The Vision

    Our vision is to help people connect with vulnerability and intention through all the happy and hard moments in life, especially when words are hard to find.

  • The Donations

    For every card purchased through this website, we donate a card to non-profits to bless the families they serve. By choosing Written Hugs Designs not only are you blessing someone you know, but you’re blessing a stranger going through
    some of life’s most difficult challenges. Expand your impact with us today.

Our Story

As I processed my own grief and mental health struggles, I found myself feeling more isolated and alone surrounded by only happy and cheerful expectations. Something felt flat, inauthentic, and disconnected from my reality when walking down the aisle of any greeting card section. One day, someone suggested to me that I make cards to fill this gap and something inside me clicked. I could do that. This mission is so true to my heart and my values and this is the most authentically me I’ve ever felt.

I have three lovely kiddos at home, and I’ve been married to my husband since 2010. If you want to help me on my mission, please help me get the word out and share on your social media platforms. 

Above all, thank you for visiting my little store. 

Our Mission

Help people feel more seen, more connected, and less alone especially through the the hard stuff.

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