Keepsake Cards

Are you looking for a unique way to capture memories and cherish them forever? Look no further than our Keepsake Cards from Written Hugs Designs! These unique greeting cards are an absolutely ideal way to create lasting memories with your nearest and dearest. 

Keepsake cards are a Written Hugs Designs family tradition we are passionate about sharing with the world. Every year, on your loved one’s birthday, conduct and interview them and record those answers in writing. Our keepsake cards come with fun, inspiring and thought-provoking questions that, when answered, serve as a beautiful snapshot of a special moment in life. 

What are Keepsake Cards?

Written Hugs Designs believes the connections we have with the people we love are invaluable and wildly powerful. When every second spent together counts, why not record the big moments to look back on fondly in the future? Everyone wants to capture memories and gain insights about the people they love most. Annual interviews with family or friends help you build new memories while bonding over old and cherished ones. With our Keepsake Cards, you can create a beautiful, personalized record of your loved one’s thoughts, hopes, feelings and dreams. A beautiful way to celebrate their special day, Keepsake Cards show the ones closest to you just how much you care. 

Unique Greeting Cards and Keepsakes for Any Occasion 

While they do make thoughtful, exciting and fun birthday cards, we also offer these unique greeting cards for any occasion to share with your loved ones. Peruse through the keepsake collection to see all the keepsake prompt cards we currently offer.

There are times when off-the-shelf greeting cards just don’t match your situation, your needs or your enthusiasm. No matter what special occasion or “just because I love you” moment you are celebrating, Written Hugs Designs keepsake cards are the perfect choice. 

Written Hugs Designs believes that the connections we build and the bonds of love we share with the people in our lives are what make life truly special. We hope our Keepsake Cards and other unique greeting cards will help you capture memories, share your love and create lasting connections with the people you love. 

Browse our selection today to find the perfect card for your next special occasion.