Sympathy Cards

Grief and loss are a natural, unavoidable part of life; that doesn’t make them feel any more bearable in the moment. At Written Hugs Designs, we understand that grief and loss can be overwhelming in its enormity, sometimes feeling all but impossible to navigate. That’s why we created the Grief and Loss Collection, which includes a wide range of sympathy cards to help you express your condolences and support to the people you love during challenging seasons of life. Our collection is carefully designed to inspire comfort and care, with a variety of card options to address specific situations. 

Condolences Cards for Anniversary of Loss 

Anniversary of Loss cards are a thoughtful way to acknowledge the passing of a loved one and your support for those who are grieving. Each card features a unique design that captures the essence of complicated grief, and a heartfelt message of hope and support. Whether it has been one year or many, Written Hugs Designs Anniversary of Loss cards are a beautiful way to honor those lost and show love for the ones they left behind. 

Sympathy Messages for Grief During the Holidays

The holidays can be trying enough without the inclusion of new grief and mourning. Our Grief During the Holidays cards show the recipient that the loss of their loved one matters, not just to them, but to their loved ones and friends. 

Sympathy Cards for Loss of a Parent

Losing a parent is never easy, no matter how old you are when it happens or the circumstances of the loss. Written Hugs Designs sympathy cards for the loss of a parent let you show an important person in your life that you are there for them and hold space for their grief in a meaningful way.

Grief can be overwhelming on a regular day, and almost debilitating on painful reminders of deep loss. Written Hugs Designs cards help you honor the loss being experienced by someone you care about, and show support during a dark and difficult time.