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Desolation: Mental Health Support Card

Desolation: Mental Health Support Card

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This mental health card is from someone who sometimes feels like the world is sharp and puts them on edge. They feel like the colors others seem to enjoy look dull, muted, and uninviting. In their battle to feel something different than desolation, they feel supported by someone who loves them anyway. When they are low, they can trust this person to be understanding and supportive, a stark contrast to how they typically experience the world. This card was created to help that person build connection with the person who is a great support on their journey. This card was created to help articulate how difficult it is to navigate mental health issues. 


The front of the card is dark blue tones with a single tree and several background bushes, each has sharp points. Inside says, “At times, the world is sharp, and I feel on edge. The colors others see are dull and muted to me. I am so grateful for your support through it all. You soften the sharp and brighten the dreary. Thank you.”

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