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Mother Never Knew You : Mother’s Day Card

Mother Never Knew You : Mother’s Day Card

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This card was made for someone who is not known by their mother and it’s Mother’s Day. Perhaps their mother was present physically, but absent emotionally and never connected with her child. Perhaps their mother left when they were young and they never had a relationship with their mother. Societally, we are taught all mothers are nurturing and selflessly care for their children. Unfortunately, those that never had the mothering they desired and deserved can feel isolated when their reality isn’t what society says it should be. They mourn the loss silently and alone.

The cover is pink with pink stripes and a black heart stitched in the corner with the words, “Mother’s Day is complicated…”. The inside inscription says, “I‘m sorry your mother never knew the incredible person you are. I see you. I love you. Be gentle with yourself today.”

I hope that every person who receives this card will feel more seen, more connected, and less alone in their grief. 

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