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You Are Enough: Encouragement Card

You Are Enough: Encouragement Card

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This unique greeting card card was made with someone who needs encouragement on their mental health journey in mind. 

As someone who lives with anxiety and depression, I know how easy it is to believe that I am not enough. I created this card for anyone out there who needs the just cuz reminder that they are enough. The cover says, “you are enough”, on either side several circular leaves. The inside inscription says, “always have been. always will be.”. 

I hope every person who receives this card is reminded of their worth, their value, and that they are enough exactly as they are. 

And to every person who buys this card for their loved one, I say from the depth my heart: Thank you for supporting your loved one in this way. Words are so powerful. Your support and encouragement means a lot. 

Available at HomeGoods nationwide.

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